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Since 1966, for more than 50 years, master planning and building design is a core business of German Volga’s family. Being the founder of the dynasty, German's father is known as respected scholar in Academic Architecture and professor. Nowadays his grandson received an architectural degree to continue this architectural dynasty.


Today German Volga is one of the best architects of Europe working in the classical style, showcasing numerous successfully completed projects with many under construction.


Our projects are primarily located in North America, Europe and Asia, where wealthy clients are craving for gorgeous classical architecture as a reflection of their personality or investment strategy, thus placing their orders with our design studio having full confidence in the project success.


German Volga Luxury Home Design team skills and previous experience allow us to implement ambitious projects in the high classical style for the private palaces and park complexes, concert halls, sport and entertainment facilities, high-rise buildings with classical façade, the residences of the state presidents and some of the richest people in North America, Europe and Asia.

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