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Since 1966 for more than 50 years the architecture is a family business in German Volga’s family. His father, the founder of the dynasty, is also the Academician of architecture, professor. Now his grandson received an architectural degree to continue the architectural dynasty.

Today German Volga is one of the best architects of Europe working in the classical style. There are a lot of completed projects in this style, also there are many projects in construction.

Objects are mainly located in Europe and Asia, in particular in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, France, Azerbaijan, New York, Qatar, Tajikistan and others.

Wealthy customers seeking a beautiful architecture with pleasure place theirorders with his architecture studio.

The architect’s skills and experience allow us to implement ambitious projects in the high classical style of the palaces and park complexes, concert halls, sports entertainment facilities, high-rise building with classical façade, the residence of the presidents of states and the richest people in Europe and Asia.

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